Hotwifing – Is It Wrong?

Hotwifing is an emotive subject with a lot of strong opinions held on both sides of the argument. But, the fundamental question is:

Is Hotwifing Wrong?

Unfortunately there’s no answer anyone can give and relieve the individual of answering the question for him- or herself.


Because it’s a personal choice, and in the absence of belief in God or some other authority to hand down moral absolutes, it seems to me it’s really a matter for the individuals concerned… and only for the individuals concerned. In my view, then, the answer has to be “no, Hotwiving cannot be wrong” because whatever consenting adults choose to do with or to each other is no one else’s business.

However, that said, there’s no denying it’s often better to keep one’s lifestyle choices to one’s self, because sharing them can’t help you, and can possibly cause you inconvenience and even trouble and estrangement from friends and family.

Now, some of the objections I hear from others about the hotwife lifestyle have some merit — such as the possibility of disease, pregnancy and unexpected emotional entanglements. And these do happen, despite best precautions to the contrary, and when they do happen the consequences can be devastating and even fatal.

So are these good arguments against hotwiving?

Well, again, it comes down to individual choice. Life itself is a dangerous game, and as someone once facetiously put it, “in a life where death is inevitable, why worry about anything at all?“. That’s perhaps too philosophical an attitude for some people, but the truth remains everything we do has risk attached to it, and not all of it risk we have any control over — stay at home and an aeroplane can crash on your house!

So life is really about managing risk and we all have different ideas about what is and is not an acceptable risk when weighed against the perceived benefits.

Some people smoke; I don’t, because I think it’s silly. And those same smokers think I’m silly because I ride my bicycle for hundreds of miles every week up and down some challenging hills without a helmet.

So it all boils down to what you and your wife think and feel is right for YOU as a couple. If one or both of you really thinks it’s wrong for you… then it is wrong for you. Not in any moral sense, but in the sense of it being something that probably isn’t going to achieve the desired aim of putting some serious spice in your marriage.

The trick to getting your wife to see it as “right” for you both, however, is in getting her to see the benefits she is likely to enjoy once she’s embraced the hotwife lifestyle.

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