Ingenious Uses For Your Bean Bag

Edison, Graham-Bell, the Wright Brothers are only a few of the world’s most famous inventors who have greatly contributed to the comfortable lives we are experiencing in the present time. Their contributions to society have given birth to more inventions that have added up to the innumerable gadgets that we are now enjoying. The light bulb, the telephone, and the aeroplane, are among the greatest creations ever. The gifts of illumination even at night, communication, and travel are only a few of the things we cannot live without. These have paved the way to the progressive changes and advancements we are now enjoying. The driving force behind an inventor’s curiosity to invent is probably the need to provide an easier or more convenient way of doing things. This has led to the development of one of the most versatile and valuable creations ever invented by the human mind, the bean bag.

It may seem like any ordinary cushion from a distance, but a closer look would tell you that this is no ordinary furniture piece. A bean bag is a modified living room embellishment filled with synthetic materials resembling beans. These pellets may be in the form of foam, Styropor, real dried beans, or PVC. They come in different shapes and sizes which give you a free hand to use them as you wish. Large ones are known to replace the usual furniture to create a more laid back feel to your living room. Medium sized ones could double as pillows, footrests, dog beds, tossing toys, or decorative ornaments that can brighten up a room. Small ones can be used as travel pillows, stress relievers, ornaments, or a travel companion for your little one.

Out of these very common uses for these marvelous furniture pieces, there are some products that stemmed from the concept of these versatile pillows that mould to the shape of anything that sinks in it. The iCrib is one of these products. With the advent of technology, developers have grabbed the opportunity to incorporate the need for these cushions. Knowing that people who love to travel tend to bring their gadgets with them, this item is engineered to rest comfortably on a person’s lap or any other surface while at the same time allowing you to rest any touch screen device on it. It’s fairly secure due to the fact that the cushion moulds to your gadgets holding it snugly. It even comes with a side pocket to hold your phone in. Explore more of the ingenious ways to use these versatile creations, you might come up with new ways to enjoy them.

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