Is it Time For a New Samsonite Suitcase?

Samsonite cases are among the top selling suitcases in the USA. And it’s no wonder these bags are also among the highest rated in the US. They offer ever kind of case possible, from soft cases to hard cases, wheeled cases to garment bags. Samsonite comes in little, medium or large sizes, small being the carry-on size. They even supply a PC bag.

Samsonite suitcases are available in two sorts of wheeled varieties. The 2 wheeled suitcases come in many different models. You can find them in soft or hard covered. Some of the modes’ handles adapt to give taller travelers more comfort when pulling the suitcase along.

The 4 wheeled spinner is available in soft cover, hard cover or a mixture of the 2. The spinner comes with plenty of the same features as the 2 wheeled versions. This could be an argument should airlines charge for the weight of your bags.

Also offered by Samsonite cases are garment bags. Samsonite garment bags are available in either the 4 wheeled spinner type or the conventional over the shoulder style. Plenty of the over the shoulder type garment bags fold not in half but in thirds to make it more compact. Many of them also provide a spot for you to store your PC to save having to hold an additional bag.

A final kind of Samsonite case is the boarding bag. These small bags are handily sized so you can carry it on the aeroplane. This is a neat place to store things like your toiletries, books, electronics that you do not want to be checked. Items such as hand held game systems, mp3 players and cameras. You can get them less expensive if you by them as a set vs purchasing each bag individually. There are some sites that sell them for rather less than you would spend through the Samsonite web site. If you’re short of suitcases, Samsonite should be on your list to check out.

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