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Flight: The Complete History of Aviation

Price: (as of – Details) R.G. Grant is a history writer who has published more than 20 books, many of them dealing with aspects of military conflict. He has written on the American Revolution, World War I, and World War II, and is the author of DK’s Battle, Warrior, and Flight: 100 Years of Aviation.

How to Avoid Getting Sick on an Airplane Flight

Even though traveling can be exciting and enjoyable, getting sick can easily put a damper on the flight experience and ultimately a vacation. Air sickness is a form of motion sickness that is very common. Air illness occurs when the central nervous system receives conflicting messages from the body, throwing off balance and equilibrium. This
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The Basic Mechanics of Bumblebee Flight

It was once postulated that a bee is an absurdity; mathematically it can't produce the lift necessary to fly. However, this statement in itself was nonsensical to the obvious proof that bees do fly, because they can and therefore there must be something wrong with the math, not the insect. This simple understanding of flight
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