Fat Blaming is Alive, Well and Taken to the Extreme in the Western World

Fat blaming people say: "global warming and obesity are linked"

Huh? Well why didn't it dawn on me before that during my fat years I was contributing to global warming? Fortunately, as fat is catching the blame here, my sins must be forgiven because I did time as an anorexic when, if skinni-ness absolves you from this mortal sin, my carbon footprint must have been about zero at that time and hopefully canceled out my sins as a fattie.

But now I'm thinking – do those who never fall pregnant get some sort of credit too? After all, surely any pregnant women must also use more gas when they fly or take a car?

And what about men, particularly sportsman with high percentage of muscle (which, on a scale, weighs three times what fat does) than women – how come we haven't heard about how much they're doing their bit to contribute to global warming as well? Well I suppose that wouldn't fit the global warming and let's blame this on obesity too theory.

And talking about increasing fuel costs of an aeroplane … any idea how much the alcohol they pack on plane weighs? So how much are drinkers contributing to global warming? Oh but I forgot, we're looking for fat blaming reasons to link obesity to global warming – so scrap that idea!

What those fat blaming people haven't yet cottoned onto that DOES link fat people to global warming

So let me give you a bit of background first in support of the argument that global warming and obesity are indeed good bedfellows.

A few years back I was asked to calculate the percentage body fat of over 1000 employees for a medical insurance plan. There were a few things that struck me as I spoke to each person whilst doing their measurements. And the pattern was particularly prevalent amongst women.

Firstly, it was easily obvious that women carried far more body fat than men. OK so there's nothing new in that – that's what nature intended. But what really struck me forcibly was that the higher the percentage body fat of the women in that group (51% of them), the younger they were when they'd started dieting and the more diet products they'd had and very few of them felt they were actually fat when they'd started dieting.

Now, for all those fat blaming people out there – herein lies a vastly more powerful explanation for how fat people and global warming indeed are linked because there is a REAL reason that global warming and obesity belong together.

The more diet products people have bought the more they should have a finger pointed at them for causing global warming. After all:

  • Diet products have to be manufactured … where? In a carbon belching factory of course!
  • Diet products have to be packaged … where? In a plastics factory which does it's share to add toxic chemicals to our air.
  • Diet products have to be advertised … where? In glossy magazines and newspapers which only destroy a couple forests every year.
  • Diet products have to be transported to fill those bulging pharmacy shelves in one of those gas guzzling, carbon-producing trucks.
  • And that's not all we should be pointing fingers at obese people when it comes to this global warming stuff. After all – who do you suppose is consuming all those sugar-free, fat-free heavily processed diet products that have to be manufactured, packaged, advertised, transported and so on ???? Why all those desperate global-warming fatties of course!

What else can those fat blaming people find to blame fat people for?

Hmmmm …. oh, I know … the poor quality of our roads. After all because there is so much weight on their tires, it's quite logical. And by logical deduction then – it must mean that California has enormous numbers of fat people because when you cross the state line into Nevada, the roads miraculously improve. Maybe anyone above normal weight (whatever that is) has been banned from being allowed to drive in Nevada!

And come to think of it …. I wonder how come we haven't yet found a way to blame earthquakes and tornadoes on them too. You know something like: obese people moving together cause natural disasters. However, come to think of it, I didn't see too many fat Chinese in TV footage of the most recent earthquake there.

I guess fat people are also to blame for the fact that they get worse service than other people in shops, and the fact that they marry less often that skinny people, and let's not forget to blame them for the general stigamatisation and fattism that exists in our culture as well. I mean, heck, if they weren't fat, we wouldn't have to be so judgmental right? Wrong!

All this fat blaming of fat people is only reflective of what a fat-hating, diet-pushing, overly critical world we live in. There is no holy text that claims we are any more or less worthwhile based on our weight or shape. Those are man-man standards that fall very far of 'love they neighbor.' Harsh judgments speak much more loudly about the people making them than the people they are made about.

And talking about more gas usage …. I received an e.mail the other day that I've admittedly altered a bit: "Never hold your gas in, as it travels to your brain and this is where sh! Tty ideas like the global warming and obesity one come from. "

Source by Cari Corbet-Owen

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