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When we visited Brugges we stayed in a little hotel off the Markt Square. Which is one of the main squares in the town centre. We arrived by aeroplane into Brussels, then we caught the airport train into the centre of Brussels. After alighting from the airport train we stayed on the same platform and then boarded the next train heading to Ostend but stopped at Brugges on the way.

After arriving into Brugges you need to go down a flight of stairs to reach the train station terminus. Once outside you can catch a taxi or bus to your destination. There are plenty available for all visitors. Another time we arrived at Belgium Zeebrugge Ferry Port we caught a bus after alighting from the ferry which also dropped us at the train station.

This point is close to the T’Zand Square a beautiful part of Brugges with a wonderful fountain. Each Saturday morning many people flock to the square for the fantastic market which sells nearly everything you would like to purchase.

Once you have picked up your bargain you can head over to one of the many cafes which surround the square.

The medieval town of Brugges has many canals and narrow wonderful streets which you can walk away the time. The town centre is fairly compact and is best to see all the attractions on foot. A word to the wise please wear flat shoes unlike my wife who wore high heels and regretted it as the town is covered in cobbled streets.

The Markt Square is picture postcard perfect with all the cafes and restaurants surrounding the square. Here you can order pancakes and strawberries and a coffee. You have never tasted pancakes this before now or chips with mayo another local treat. Scrumptious. Wash down with a local beer and vello a perfect afternoon treat. Did you know the Belgians have over three hundred beers which are often served in their own style of glass.

If lace if your thing then Brugges is the place to look around. You will still be able to see the traditional lace making with the Brugges grandmothers sitting outside the shops making all the table cloths, napkins and handkerchiefs.

Once you have sampled the lace making why not try a canal boat trip. There are plenty of places to board and travel the canals too. After your boat trip you may still have some energy for sight seeing.

Did you know that the famous cartoon character Tin Tin was Belgium. You can browse through the shop which can be found just off the Markt Square in Brugges. Once you have finished visiting the shop, you may wish to head over to the main Markt Square where you can find the Church of the Holy Blood.

This church has said to house a relic of Jesus from the crusades. Another church which has a beautiful Michaelangelo statue of Madonna and Child is the Church of Our Lady. This is across the road from St John’s Hospital which is now a fabulous art museum.

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