How To Express Than In Thai

In order to compare things or to make a comparison in Thai, you can use the Thai conjunction gwaa.

To use the Thai conjunctin gwaa, you need to place
it right after a Thai adjective. Here are
some simple examples to illustrate
the proper usage of gwaa (than).

Using gwaa to express "than" in Thai

Kreuung bin reo gwaa rot.

An aeroplane is faster than a car.

Krai gae gwaa, Hiros reuu Seira?

Who is older, Hiros or Seira?

Hiros gae gwaa Seira.

Hiros is older than Seira.

Let's look at the 1st example first.
Kreuung bin means aeroplane. The
Thai word kreuung itself means machine
or apparatus and bin means fly.
Literally translated it would be "flying machine"
which is actually an aeroplane. 🙂

Reo means fast. By placing the Thai conjunction
gwaa right after it you will get "reo gwaa" which means
"faster than". Rot means car in Thai.

Did you know that reo reo means
"hurry up" in Thai? In Thai, certain adjectives
when repeated twice will have nearly the same
but different meaning. For example, jing jing (really?)
actually came from the word jing which means true.

In the 2nd example, the Thai adjective gae
means old and the Thai conjunction reuu means or.

More examples on gwaa (than)

An nai dee gwaa?

Which one is better?

Anne dee gwaa.

This one is better.

Wan nee dee gwaa proong nee.

Today is better than tomorrow.

Rot kong kao wing reo gwaa rot kong pom.

His car is faster than mine.

Kao rong pleng dee gwaa pom.

She sings better than me.

In the 1st example, an nai means which one
and dee simply means good in Thai.

In the 3rd example, there's a new Thai
noun, proong nee means tomorrow. The
noun proong itself means tomorrow so
literally translated it would mean "this tomorrow"
which is tomorrow anyway. 🙂

In the 4th example, the Thai verb wing means
run. Let's take a little detour and recap
what we had just learned in previous lessons, shall we? 🙂

How do you say "You should run!" in Thai?

Koon kuan wing!

You should run!

Do you still remember the Thai words kuan (should)
and dtong (must)? Now, try saying "I must run!"
using dtong.

Pom ja dtong wing!

I must run!

Okay, now back to … where was I again?
Ah yes, the Thai conjunction gwaa …
Here are two more longer examples for you:

Longer examples using gwaa (than)

Nang seu lehm nee sohn jai gwaa nang seu lem nan.
This book is more interesting than that one.

Palang kong pom kheng rang gwaa palang kong kao.
My force is stronger that his.

In the 1st example, nang seu means book and
sohn jai means interesting. Lehm is actually
a Thai classifier for books. So
nang seu lehm nee actually means "This book".

Similarly, to say "I have read this book" in Thai, you would
say "Pom aan nang seu lehm nee laew khrap".
Aan is "to read" by they way.

In the 2nd example, you will notice the cool Thai
word palang, which means "the Force". Kehng rang
means strong in Thai.

Okay, last example using gwaa …

Before I wrap this lesson up, let's recap
and reinforce what we had just learned by creating
a lovely Thai sentence …

Try expressing "Nobody is more beautiful than you"
in Thai. 🙂 You can use the Thai word mai mee krai
which means nobody and suay ngaam meaning beautiful.

Mai mee krai suay ngaam gwaa koon.
Nobody is more beautiful than you.

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