Overweight and Dying – Mommy Stay With Me a Little Longer

Scientists have discovered that humans with a skeletal frame are more vulnerable to bouts of anxiety than that of over-sized happy porkers that at the time of study were found to be less prone to depression in their research. Then a 16 year old study brought to light contradicts the above statement and says how slim people are more confident and content. The conclusion more or less say’s that being fat is the making of a happy person. Tell us something new we have had this drummed into us since we learnt to say dada.

There was a recent survey done involving people with weight problems, and two that were brought up were celebrities Fern Britton and Victoria Wood who are both overweight, and with failed marriages behind them, but I don’t see them laughing.

Fern Britton said medical staff informed her she was cutting her life short carrying as much weight as she was. She said being given this news was terrifying, but after listening to what the scientists came up with, Fern asked herself would her kids like to see their mommy frustrated and depressed because she wasn’t fat, or be remembered as an obese jolly old soul. It’s about sticking around and being mom for as long as you can for your kids Fern, end of story. Being able to slip into a figure hugging size 10/12 dress is enough to rid depression.

Surveys are never a 100% accurate especially when trying to find out how a fat person really feels on the inside? More untruths unfold when a questionnaire is filled out, for example: the fat person will say they are happy when they pain on the inside because of their size

Overweight people can’t climb the stairs without getting out of breath, they can’t run for a bus, and to be able to sit comfortable on an aeroplane is out of the question. How can an overweight person who has to endure verbal abuse from the ignoramuses on the streets calling them fatty and blubber butt, ever be happy.

My heart goes out to people through no fault of their own having to suffer from this sort of abuse because they have a weight problem due to illness.

Eating a well balanced diet and doing light exercise daily will help keep you healthy and in shape. But you need to diet and exercise together if you want to lose weight. Once the weight is down then stick with the healthy eating plan.

Just by cutting down on sugary and fattening foods will give you pleasing results.

I bet the silent thoughts that go through an obese person’s mind are not happy ones. These people’s tears that flow on the inside, flow faster than that of a tsunami. waves

Put on smiles and false laughter is not enough to prove the fat man is a happy man. When laughter comes from the heart then maybe, just maybe we will believe you’re happiness is for real.

Source by Kacy Carr

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