Stanchions: The Powerful Tool For Your Business Profits

How many of us know this word? Probably, few to none.

Stanchion is an English version of an Old French Estanchon which has a deriving meaning of "a support" and "standing". So basically the purposeful meaning derived will become – "an object that supports the action of standing, mostly in a queue or in a stable position". Now with that comprehension, one can understand that such object can be an upright post, a pole, a road blocker or a floor blocker, which is exactly what is.

However, with the definition of its usage, a stanchion qualifies to be a sturdy but temporary upright fixture that provides support to retractable objects like belts and ropes, and can be expediently removed whenever desired.

Today, we see stanchions a major product used to do crowd controlling and to draw waiting lines at places like banks, stores, hotels, museums, concerts, trade shows, railway stations, airports, restaurants and many others. It eases off the foot movement of largely gathered people at one place and also helps in space management.

But a few years back, this was not the same scenario. Industrial revolution kicked the pace of life to a great speed. People started having lesser and lesser time to spend over activities like waiting for their turns to come for deposition of cash at bank counters, bills at telephone or electricity department counters, get inside trains, aeroplanes and clubs.

Basically where there were a lot of people doing the same task increasing the turn-around time of others, people became more and more restless. And thus, started a war of educated and civilized people breaking the ration norm of letting the one before them to proceed first. Everyone wanted to just get ahead, which resulted into a chaotic situation at places where foot movement was invariably higher.

And, then came an object that resolved this undeniable issue – The Stanchions! People started using these poles as a temporary standing post that can be easily displaced to manage the crowd along with directing them willfully. It brought the sense of queuing back into people's mind. It also helped in barricading the space where ever and whenever required.

Not only limited to this extent, the stanchions, when used in combination with belts can be effectively used for branding purpose too. And hence, this way with the increasing business competitions in the market, the stanchions are indeed the need of an hour today!

Source by Ritu Arora

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