The Benefits of Using "Mobile Office" Coaches

It wasn't that long ago that the luxurious coach with built-in office facilities was regarded as being pretty much restricted to US election campaigns.

In such contexts they were often referred to as " battle buses " and contained a wide range of facilities including fully equipped offices, sleeping and personal hygiene services such as WCs and showers. Some even came with fully equipped kitchens.

However, these sorts of coaches are no longer restricted to the extremely rich and politically powerful. They're also making large inroads into ordinary business life and here's why.

Time is money

Business people need to travel and a lot of that involves short to medium distance journeys rather than long hauls requiring air transport.

Particularly in circumstances where it's necessary to visit three or four different sites all within generally the same geographic region, coach transport might actually prove to be far more suitable than air transport.

One of the reasons for that relates to the need for business people to keep working when they're traveling. Even in the 21st century, working while you are walking around airports, going through departure lounges and even on the aeroplane itself, isn't easy. Yes, if you are lucky enough to be able to afford your own private jet or fly first class then maybe you can work on the plane but many find it difficult to do so where space is limited and the person in the seat next to you is watching everything that's going on!

It's also fair to say that typically a well-equipped executive coach is likely to offer far more by way of work support facilities, including things such as photocopiers, printers and widescreen videoconferencing, than a commercial airliner.

So, in productivity terms, the well-equipped executive coach has started to become increasingly popular and that trend looks set to continue.

Collective activities

Another area where these types of executive limousine buses score highly is that they are not just restricted to one or two people.

It is perfectly possible for a group to travel together and to continue working efficiently as part of a team using the full facilities on the bus. That's something that might be next to impossible to achieve when traveling by air.

Business likes continuity

The days when business traveling gave an opportunity to sit back and watch the countryside pass by as you were en route to your destination, are fast disappearing.

Today time out of the office simply can't be non-productive. Whatever features exist in executive lounges and airports and on the aeroplane itself, the space and privacy issues associated with that mean that executive limousine buses and coaches have a huge advantage and therefore are a significant attraction for business travelers.

Of course, nobody is suggesting that this growth in executive limousine bus hire will ever prove to be a major threat to air travel! Distance is inevitably a factor that might limit the use of such coaches to local / national rather than international use.

Even so, expect to see a lot more of them featuring prominently in companies travel plans over the years ahead.

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