Tig Games for Kids Groups (Also Known As Tag)

Chain Tig

One child is a chaser and when he / she "tigs" another child, they link hands and continue to chase. The game ends when everyone becomes part of the chain.

Aeroplane Tig

Tig except when the child is "tug", they stand with their arms out and children run under to free them.

Horse Tig

When you get tug you run like a horse (skipping, neighboring, etc). Once everyone is a horse the game is over.

Toilet Tig

When a child is "tug" they stand with arm to the side. To be freed the arm is pulled down with a 'flush'.

Teapot Tig

When a child is "tug" they stand with one arm out and the other hand on hip. Other players must 'Pour' them to free them.

Color Tig

2 or 3 children are chasers, the rest are runners, and have 3 colored tops. The chasers take a colored top from each runner he catches. When a chaser has 3 different colors, he becomes a runner. When a runner loses all 3 colors he becomes a chaser.

Drama Tig

The game starts off as a normal game of Tig, with one person as the catcher. When the first person is tug, everyone has to copy their reaction until the next person is tug eg if someone who has just been tug, stops and turns round, then everyone must copy that same movement every couple of seconds until there is a new reaction eg falling down on the ground and getting up again!

Fly Tig

When a child is "tug", they have to lie down on the floor flapping their arms about like a dying fly. They are rescued by a tap on the forehead.

Alternative: TURTLE TIG – When 'tug' they lie on back waving arms and legs in the air – and they must be gently rolled back onto their legs again.

Hospital Tig

2 Children are chose to be chasers, and they have to Tig everyone else. Every time a person is tug, they have to hold the part of their body that was tug. After a while, the game will slow down as children are trying to hold every part of their body and run at the same time. (ie kids have 2 lives since they have 2 hands).

Tail Tig

Every child has a tail except one. He has to steal a tail (hankie) from a child and then the child without a tail tries to steal one from somebody else. Children are running around all the time.

Snakes in the Grass

2 Children are chosen to be Snakes, the rest of the children are frogs. This is basically a game of Tig, where the Snakes have to wriggle around on the floor and "Tig" the frogs, who crouch down and hop like frogs. When a frog is caught, he becomes a snake. The game ends when everyone has became a Snake.

Source by Steve W Thomson

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