Your Holiday Tan – How to Keep it Longer

So you just came back from your sunny holidays with a perfect tan and you feel more attractive than ever… One day forward… and you feel like you already lost it. Not cool.

Well, the following tips will help you keep a tanned and bright skin beyond just a few days.

1. First, keep the golden skin care rule in mind: Hydration. On your way back home, the airplane or car air-condition system can really dry out your skin, leaving it desiccated and flaky. So before embarking, make sure you applied an after-sun lotion to get ready for the travel hours, especially if they’re long. Also, keep a water spray within reach in case of strong dryness. When you’re back home, keep applying an after-sun lotion as it is essential for hydrating your skin and maintaining a radiant complexion.

2. Speaking of fundamentals, don’t forget to drink a lot of water since hydration happens mainly from the inside out !

3. Try to avoid scrubbing your skin hard as it will remove cells responsible for your tanning. It is also suggested not to take prolonged warm baths. Take a fresh shower instead.

4. Apply a hydration cream after each shower. There are some creams on the market specifically designed to make your tan last longer, but a regular one should do it just fine.

5. Keep practicing good nutrition habits. Eat natural products that contain beta-carotene – think carrots, spinach, melon or sweet potatoes.

6. Finally you can use some artifice. The main one: clothes. Wear bright colors that will contrast with your beautiful tanned skin.

That’s it.

And then ? Well, your skin renews itself approximately every 28 days, so your tan will eventually go away despite all your efforts… until your next trip to the sun.

Source by Hale Robinson

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